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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (review by Aini)

My first satisfied 'customer'. Aini has finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Here is her review.

Wow, what an astonishing saga. I sometimes forget how good Brown is. It had been a long while since I read Robert Langdon saga. I picked it up, and I wasn't comparing it with previous works. I last read Dan Brown's back in 2007. And now, it had me in bewildrement again. It had my heart pounding.

Langdon is now on another quest of decrypting the Masonic code. He had been entrusted to keep a Mason puzzle? by the high realm of Masonic brothers, even though, he's not a Masonist. He was being tricked into delivering lecture in DC, but it had been akin to a smoke in a mirror. He was then chasing all around DC with another intelligent woman (I would rather, much much more intelligent compared to previous ones).

As much as the story is fiction, Brown was able to educate his readers with regards to Mason and the theories behind it. But, somehow, there's always a catch behind it. The protagonist is not what it seemed, surprising turn indeed. As much I kept on guessing the protagonist's intention, Brown delivered a hit straight up to my face! I kept on turning the pages since I was shell shocked to find that Langdon was killed!

As much as this is a page turner, there're weaknesses indeed such as:
1. Katherine's character is so trusting and gullible.
2. Langdon's character seemed not as intelligent compared to in his previous adventures
3. The theories with regards of Human is God. If people don't have firm beliefs in God, they may be swayed by it. But, there's an interesting question posed, what would you believe? In the book, there are hints that there's much more divine revelation to guide mankind. Maybe Brown himself questioned whether he's a Believer/non Believer?

Maybe I should make a collection of Brown's books (limited to Angels & Demons, and The Lost Symbol only - well the only books that I like :P)

Her review can also be found on goodreads here.


Ummu Auni said...

semalam aku call. tak ada kat rumah ek? nantilah aku datang rumah kau hujung minggu ni pula ke.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

takde dapat miss call pun?? salah nombor ke? nanti kita PM kat facebook or something ..

MamaBalqisJournal said...

Salam sis Hidayah, Once again I am sorry for the delay in returning your book. Felt so bad. Will mail it out today insyaAllah. Hopefully Im not blacklisted or anything..

Anyway did the review. And hope you will receive the book soon in perfect condition. Thanks again. Will email you for the second book..that is if I can still borrow.:)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

don't worry about it ... I often mail out stuff late too .. no problem.. will be glad to mail u any other book :)

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