I love to read. I love to share. I would love to share my passion for reading with all of you.


It's a very simple concept. I have a book and I want to share it with you. Just follow these simple steps.

  • #Browse through my collection of books. For tips on how to find a book click here.
  • #Choose one you like. I have provided a plot summary and review for each book to help you.
  • #Leave a comment under that particular post ("I want to borrow this book" or something similar).
  • #Contact me at and leave your name and mailing address.
  • #I will mail the book to you and you can read it.


In order to promote reading to others too please do these simple steps.

  • #Tell all your book loving friends.
  • #You may keep the book for 2 weeks (upon recieving it- so notify me when it arrives safely- extensions are negotiable).
  • #After that, please mail it to the next person requesting the book (contact me to get their address). If nobody else has requested the book, simply mail it back to me.

  • Hmm.. I wonder if this crazy idea will actually work...

    ||Sticky Post|| *scroll down to see the books

Looking for something? Search by genre, author or title.

Hidayah's Book Club


5 easy ways to find the books you want

Option 1

Click on the BOOK CLUB LIBRARY tab at the top of this blog or link at the side of this blog. Here ALL the books are listed according to alphabetical order (author's surname). The title of each book is also linked to my review of the book.

Option 2

I have also categorized the books according to MY RATINGS of them (from 5 points total). It may help you choose which book you might enjoy.

Option 3
Click on whichever GENRE that you prefer. Here all reviews of books under this genre will be listed.

Option 4

Type in any keyword regarding the book you are interested in in the FIND THAT BOOK field at the top of the blog. You will be directed to book reviews that best suits your keyword search.

Option 5

Click on any author that catches your eye in the AUTHORS list at the bottom of the blog.  All reviews of books by this author will be here.

Have fun!

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