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Your reviews || Ummu Auni

Ummu Auni was my ex-schoolmate in MRSM Jasin and we happen to be neighbours. She has a passion for reading and reads even more than I do! Here are her latest reviews.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

This book would definitely rated higher if the author doesn't delve deeper into the dark side of human - being a sadist, serial rapist, incest. The motive of being a serial rapist is such a flimsy reason. Or the fact that the protagonist where even though he doesn't do anything to attract the woman, but the woman keep falling for him, and sleeping with him. Duh!

But, the interesting thing would be the story of Salander, the girl with the dragon tattoo. Her upbringing, her wittiness, despite the fact that she dressed differently from other, she's a genius. I'd a good laugh when Blomkvist hatched a plot to get even with his enemy who made him serve jail sentence. I'm looking forward for the next book in the series :) - (3/5)

My review here.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

I borrowed this from Hidayah. I didn't put any expectation on this book. But, the story drew me in. It's one of the books where words are chosen carefully and had the ability to fascinate me and keep on reading.

The plot revolves around David, a doctor who made a split second decision to give away his other child, a girl who he instantly recognised as having Down Syndrome given his years of experience. David was trying to protect his wife, since he knew for sure the heartache he felt while growing up and when her sister who had the same diagnosis passed away due to failing heart condition.

As much there are surreal elements in it, the author was able to build the moment and made me wanting to know more. The parallel lives between Paul & Phoebe is crafted beautifully, especially the part where Caroline, the nurse who took Phoebe and raised her up. Caroline is portrayed as full of willpower, determination and she's a fighter. As much as other characters such as Norah (David's wife) and Paul is well believed, David character was much more flimsy, and doesn't connect the dots properly. David, is not such a strong person, and he kept on blaming himself for his wife's affairs and the distance with his son, due to the fact the he gave his daughter away unknowingly to both his family members. His character is weak and he doesn't has the courage to open the Pandora box.

I would be more satisfied if, the plot ends with David telling his family the truth about Phoebe within his lifetime and not after his death, where everyone had a shock, feeling hurt and angry towards David. But of course, a story weaved beautifully, could have a much better ending, when emotions are running high, and I would certainly has much more pity towards David.

For someone, trying to understand a mother's love, this book should be in to-read shelf. - (3/5)

My review here.


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