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Destinations by Sheila O' Flanagan & Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon reviews by Ummu Auni

My friend Ummu Auni  has finished these 2 books. Check out her reviews.

This is the first book that I read from the author. The short story compilation were interesting. The first story with regards to Greg and Helena struck me hard, because my emotions were topsy turvy as what Helena went through. Emotionally battered, betrayed.

There are few light heartening stories, being a dreamer, I've always like stories where they finally met their true love. Even though, it may not ends well. What captured me most is how the author was able to portray emotions of her characters. From feeling betrayed (Helena), to someone asking forgiveness (Greg), to someone who was physically battered, to someone who's in love and to someone who dreams of having a fling.

The drawbacks that I could think of is this, some of the stories, especially with regards to physically abused wife offers no solution. Or the SAHM who wanted to have an affair (she may propagate like it's acceptable having a fling/extra marital affair)

This is not a book worth reading over and over again.

I've started this book a little bit late, and I was yawning through the story of Jamie in the first place. When he hit the jackpot, the plot seemed a bit interesting. And then, the plot continued with Kate's story, followed Tony, and the twins, Eve and Alexandria.

The story maybe fast paced, but in certain areas it seemed subtle in certain places. For example, how Kate is portrayed as a woman who gets anything that she wanted, including how she tricked her husband and her own son. But, I regret that Tony doesn't even have the strength to tell his mother what he intended to do for his life, and I believe that Tony being mentally ill, would be sufficient as a punishment for Kate.

The twin's stories are things that really don't happen in real life, for example, with regards to Eve - she's so evil, and started being evil around 4/5 years of age. Heavens, do kids know about violence during the tender age? And even though Kate was portrayed as a woman with steel, she seemed to trust everything/shoved herself with Eve's explanation. She blindly trusted her granddaughter. Even Alex, seemed too meek and weak. For such disastrous read, the ending was quite interesting especially the part where Eve was played upon by her husband.

I don't know, I've read Nothing Lasts Forever ages ago. But I liked it instantly, I suppose not his books could be considered as the best. I may still prefer James Patterson. It would rather safe to say, I remain with Patterson. 

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