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The Magicians by Lev Grossman || Review by Dr Yati

After recieving an e-mail from my friend Dr Yati, I realized that in setting up my virtual library (of real books), I had left one out. Last week I lent her this book because she asked me to choose a book I liked but was slightly different. When she gave me her review and mentioned she could not find mine, I also started searching for it only to find that.. I can't find it anywhere. So here is Dr Yati's review of the book. 

lev grossman has written a typical current fantasy story of a coexisting world of magicians in which brakebills is the ivy league equivalent. BUT he inserted within an edgier and punky-gothic adult theme. oh. but wat pains me is its thin-veiled reference to the chronicles of narnia. fillory is essentially narnia,  from the adventres of the chatwins. water as the medium of transfer to the next world. the netherlands sounds like the wood between the worlds in Narnia. i feel like lev grossman has tainted my childhood fantasy story, beautiful narnia becomes 'inky dark'. the protagonists dabbled with wine and free sex, no exploring of sunshine lit forests.... no innocence in this story. it is a harry potter for adults.
but then again as the dean puts it quite reasonably: “Can a man who can cast a spell ever really grow up?”  

I enjoyed the book too. Rating: 4/5

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